Sunday, August 29, 2010

After Dinner

So I just ate dinner and now I'm sitting on the toilet with my laptop. I'm having so pretty hardcore diarrhea right now even though I don't have much of a stomach ache. I forgot to turn on the air vent which is on the other side of the bathroom, so I can't reach it, and it smells really bad. So yeah, I'm pretty bored and decided to post on my blog. BYE!


So a couple weeks ago I bought a shitload of parts from NewEgg to build my new computer. And I waited till today to mail all my rebates. Shit was hectic because I had to find all my receipts and everything. So anyways thats what I did for a couple hours today. For those of you curious of my build it is:

AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE OC'd at 3838MHZ (3.84ghz)
4 GB of DDR3 1333 G.SKill RIPJAWS
Zalman 9500a CPU heatsink&fan
MSI mobo (too lazy to look for the model but its the military class one)
ANtec 900 case
750w Antec PSU
ASUS DVD burner
Diamond & XFX ATI HD 5770 (Crossfire'd)
And two 20 inch LCDs


So today I was playing League of Legends. I haven't played a lot recently because my parents think I'm addicted so they try to keep me away from my computer. But anyways, I was playing today and depsite not playing a long time I played as Tristana and went 28 kills 2 deaths. It felt so great. Then I played the whole day, I think I really may be addicted. Oh well.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My dumbass friend

So the other day I invited my friend, Hincent Veuken. I invited him because he's a computer science major at Chabot College and I'm struggling in my Java class. So all day he taught me a shitload of java like System.out.println and stuff like that. Oh, did I forget mention that my dad was fixing a doorknob at my house? So anyways my friend goes to the bathroom and sticks his penis into the doorknob hole because there was no doorknob. I (being stupid) thought it was his thumb and tugged it multiple times. By the time I found out it was his penis it was too late. He ejaculated all over my face and humiliated me.